WOW-POW = World Of Wonderful POWer: Video of Nemesis NXT shattering the 3km speed record.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Video of Nemesis NXT shattering the 3km speed record.

What does this have to do with Power? Big motors, massive speed, Sexy aircraft? Everything!
"Jon Sharp flying the Nemesis®NXT® broke the 19 year old 3 Km C1-b record with a speed of 356 mph (573 km) today in front of a large crowd at AirVenture, Oshkosh, WI. The weather was less than perfect with winds gusting to 20 plus knots, yet the Lycoming Thunderbolt powered Nemesis®NXT®prevailed. “It was incredibly bumpy! I’m surprised by the speed. I thought for sure that we may have just barely made the record.” states Sharp, “I love that Thunderbolt engine!” The speed is calculated by averaging the four passes through the 3 Km timing gates. This is done by a NAA (National Aeronautical Assoc.) approved GPS unit that is placed in the plane. The 1989 record speed was 341 mph set by Richard Greer in a Questar Venture. The next record attempt is scheduled for Saturday, August 2nd during the AirVenture Showcase.
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