WOW-POW = World Of Wonderful POWer: Sony updates its VAIO lineup with the Z, FW, SR and BZ laptops.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sony updates its VAIO lineup with the Z, FW, SR and BZ laptops.

Sony has officially announced their updated Vaio lineup with the Z, FW, SR, and BZ. All the new VAIO's use Intel’s latest mobile Centrino 2 processors, with built in optional Blu-ray. The model that excites us most is the VAIO Z, (Replacing the TZ series?) It has the be the smallest Blu-ray equipped notebook available and has the balls to include a HDMI port into a 1-inch thick, 3 and half pound, 13.1-inch 16:9 form factor, carbon fiber body. Plus it includes NVIDIA’s 9300M graphics chip, amazing 1600x900 screen resolution, an option for 128 GB SSD in a RAID configuration! The Z, FW and SR all employ the same type of keyboard that Sony developed with their T series over 5 years ago, well before Apple. The 13.3-inch VAIO SR looks to be Sony's mainstream computer and will be priced competitively with multiple color options. The 16.4-inch VAIO FW is their desktop replacement and offers everything and more you would find in a desktop. The VAIO BZ is Sony bid for the business laptop space adding to their G series which never sold well outside of Japan. It has a 15.4-inch screen, magnesium alloy case, spill-resistant keyboard, and security-related features suited for a business machine. Availability is slated for in the end of July to mid August.
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