WOW-POW = World Of Wonderful POWer: Pen’z Gear spinning pens OUTSPINS Fox News

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pen’z Gear spinning pens OUTSPINS Fox News

Shame even the biggest Spin Misters at Fox News with Pen’z Gear’s perfectly balance pens. These suckers are just made for spinning. (Even more than Bill O’Reilly) They feature rubberized grips and slick centers that facilitate better handling. Adjustable weights so you can balance the pen perfectly to your desired center of gravity. These pens are made heavier than usual giving them better inertial spinning properties and they come in a 190mm length which is considered perfect length for spinning pens. You can even write with them! So next time you are on Hannity and Colmes be prepared for some serious spinning action with Pen’s Gear pens.
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