WOW-POW = World Of Wonderful POWer: Motorwind Motors into the Multi-Turbines

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Motorwind Motors into the Multi-Turbines

A Hong Kong based company called Motorwind is now offering their Motorwind micro turbines in a kit. Designed to supplement the individual’s home power needs their solution is unique as well as economical. “Motorwind micro turbines can work in wind speeds of only 2m/second. Their light weight, small size, and flexible configuration allows them to be installed in both urban and rural environments, for individual or corporate use. Motorwind turbines give users a new option for efficient renewable energy and therefore reducing their impact on the environment. Motorwind turbines can be installed and used in many applications.
For installation, fix the posts to a wall instead of the floor or ground. This allows the stress to be lower on the posts (instead of standing upright only on a flat surface). Use screws in a concrete wall. Do not use G clamps, rope or string to fasten the posts to the wall. If you need to install on a wooden partition, screws have to be long enough to go through the entire wood panel and then bolted tight from the other side of the wood material. Make sure that the posts are tightly attached to the wall, otherwise there will be vibration and noise. Make sure that the installation is secure from movement and possible bending of the posts. If you have the space, it is better to have only one row of 40 turbines than 2 rows of 20 turbines. "
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