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Monday, July 14, 2008

After most of it's competitors - It's been confirmed Fujitsu Siemens have developed a new Netbook. The still nameless model is to appear @ approx 400 EURO in autumn, was announced by the boss of Fujitsu Siemens Austria.
Comparrison shots with a full sized laptop is showing the German / Japanese joint venture product. First pictures of the 8.9" PC are from a reader of the German site NETBUX.

The Netbook is pictured beside 17 ″ laptop - which looks like a MONSTER.

The technical specifications lie still in the dark, however the Windows Vista key evident, it's a possible operating system option. As soon as us here further data are present, we supply later the information naturally.

So from the first “German” Netbook will come from Fujitsu Siemens. The global No. 7 among PC manufacturers (between Asus and Apple), Fujitsu Siemens develops all products in Germany, and recruits also internationally.

Roughly translated from NETBUX