WOW-POW = World Of Wonderful POWer: February 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Meet the sausage meat iPhone stylus!

OK, it's winter, you're cold, don't want to take off your gloves... but still want to use your iPhone...

South Korea has the answer!
CJ Corporation's sausages have similar electrostatic properties to human fingers - allowing them to be used as a stylus with the iPhone's capacitive touch screen.


source: gearfuse

GScreen dualscreen laptop, coming May 2010?

Kohjinsha's already selling the DZ and (under the Onkyo brand) DX , but what if you need more than those 2x 10" LCDs, you want 2x 17" and a beefier i7 CPU - and have a fatter wallet :)

GScreen will start at about $2895 USD, the company reports it will be shipping from March 2010.

more at engadget

Monday, February 1, 2010

PhotoFast G-Monster2 : Sandforce 1500 controller

Coming first in 100GB and later available in 50, 200 and 400GB sizes.

Max read speed is quoted as 260MB/sec, but the most interesting point is the random write speed of " upto 75MB/sec " !

At the heart of the new G-Monster is the SandForce SF-1500 controller, so as you'd expect this is not a budget SSD... price for 100GB starting at 74,800 YEN ($830 USD!!) . We can't imagine what they'll ask for the 400GB... [you'll have to wait till March for that one]

for more, over to Photofast
a few benchmarks there