WOW-POW = World Of Wonderful POWer: LLLT Laser therapy for knee pain and shin splints review of the BrightTherapy BT-TI816 Strappy Laser

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

LLLT Laser therapy for knee pain and shin splints review of the BrightTherapy BT-TI816 Strappy Laser

Normally we do not review health care products but after using the BrightTherapy BT-TI816 Strappy Laser for chronic shin splints and knee pain I had to tell someone. Plus it uses two 30mw infrared lasers elevating the “cool” factor. First off LLLT stands for low level laser therapy which basically means these lasers cannot burn. They work instead by increasing blood circulation in the treated area in processes called bio-stimulation. Whatever they call it, it worked wonders for me. I used it for shin splints while training for a marathon with shockingly quick results of less than 24 hours for the pain to almost completely subside. Essentially after a good night’s sleep it was like the condition was just a memory.

It turns out the increased blood circulation significantly reduces healing times (up to 5 times faster). It is not like the pain disappears immediately after using the BT-TI816 laser but the pain reduced gradually over the day and overnight. By nature, I am a skeptical person and I was not sure I could contribute the disappearance of the pain just to the Strappy Laser, even though I had been batting it for almost a year before this. However, after increased training the shin splints started to appear again so I used the laser again and the paid disappeared. This time I decided to read the manual and follow the instructions and treated my shins everyday for 10 minutes per side and the shin splints have not returned. This has been by far the most effective treatment I have tried and I have tried 4 different pairs of sneakers, stretching, gels, and massages.

After my marathon (Still over 4 hours.. crap) my shins were fine but my knees felt as if they had been bruised. The next day I could barely walk and putting weight on my legs brought acute pain to my knees. This pain was not stiffness but my knees were swollen and it felt like an injury leaving me worried. After dragging myself to my study, I pulled out the Strappy Laser to treat my shins as had become my routine and decided why not treat my knees too. And it worked again! I noticed over the next hour that the pain was reseeding and by the evening most of the pain in my knees had gone as well as the swelling. The next day my knees felt completely normal. I have been using the laser on my shins, knees and Achilles tendons for the past 3 days and this is by far the fastest recovery I have ever had from a marathon.

When I first got the TI-816 Strappy laser from I was completely skeptical it would work but I have drunk the cool aid and I believe. It really does work wonders. In the following months I have decided to try and review their other laser products. For the record the BT-TI816 Strappy Infrared laser uses two 30mw 830nm infrared lasers pulsed at 10Htz for a total of 60mw of laser power. The treatment times are 10 minutes per area and it is super easy to use. Just hit the center button and it turns on and will turn off automatically after 10 minutes. What I like best is that is comes with an adjustable strap that holds the laser in place so I could use it while at work sitting at my computer desk or laying in bed reading. Here is the link to And a direct link to the BT-TI816 Strappy laser.