WOW-POW = World Of Wonderful POWer: UMID M1 mbook MID Video Hands On

Monday, February 23, 2009

UMID M1 mbook MID Video Hands On

UMID just announced the tiniest netbook yet, dubbed the M1 mbook. The mbook uses an Atom Intel CPU just like its big brothers running at 1.1GHz. The mbook. Battery life up to 6 hours. It has WiFi and a form factor the company promises full Internet experience “while walking.”
Specs of the M1 mbook:

* 4.8-inch 1024 X 600 screen
* Intel Atom Silverthorne 1.1Ghz
* up to 1GB of RAM
* WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0 (optional 3G)
* up to 32GB of storage
* price between 600k to 700k Korean Won or between $400 to $466
* optional webcam and Digital (DMB) TV

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